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Admissions Prior Conduct

Board of Governors Regulation 6.001, General Admissions, authorizes universities to refuse admission to applicants because of past misconduct.  University of South Florida System (USF System) Regulation USF3.018, further requires the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee to review all applications in which a student discloses past misconduct and to make a decision as to whether the admission of the applicant will be in the best interest of the  University of South Florida (USF).  This policy describes the procedure and assigns responsibility for the review of these applications for admission.

 For the full policy please visit: http://regulationspolicies.usf.edu/policies-and-procedures/pdfs/policy-30-018.pdf

The following section outlines the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities involvement in the Admissions Clearance Process:

  1. A.     When the applicant completes his/her USF application and indicates either “yes” or neglects to check off an answer to one of the following questions, the application is placed on a “conduct hold” by the Office of Admissions.  If completing an on-line application, the Office of Admissions will generate an automatic letter explaining the documentation that must be submitted to complete the application process.

**An applicant does not have to wait to receive this letter in order for the application process to continue. All applicants must submit the following documentation in order for a review and recommendation to be made:

1. A personal statement with a written description detailing the circumstances of the situation. Please include your name, U number, date of birth, and a telephone number you can be reached on about your statement.

NOTE- Please indicate in the personal statement what semester you are applying for and whether as an undergraduate, graduate, non-degree seeking, or readmissions applicant.

2. Copies of all documentation (i.e. police reports, arrest reports, court documents regarding the outcome and penalties, letter from probation officer(s) or phone number of officer, community service completion record, proof of completion of educational programs, copies of discipline decision letters, and/or any other documentation which might help clarify the incident and the outcome/s) explaining the pertinent facts.

3. An applicant should provide as much information as possible. This information will be reviewed by the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.  The primary contact for Admissions Prior Conduct review is the Associate Director of OSRR.  This person will contact the applicant if additional information is required. This person will make a recommendation to the Office of Admissions regarding the application for admissions. The recommendation will not be disclosed to the applicant.

4. The Admission Prior Conduct process may take several weeks to complete. Please allow 3-4 weeks from the date it was referred to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities for the conduct information to be processed and send a recommendation to the Office of Admissions.

5. An application will not proceed any further until all the above mentioned documentation is provided. All communication regarding an application should be directed to the Office of Admissions at (813)974-3350; Graduate Admissions at (813)974-8800 or for Non-Degree Seeking, contact the Registrar's Office at (813)974-2000.

If an application is not recommended to move forward in the admission process, the applicant will be notified in writing.  The appeal process for a non recommended application will be listed in the communication sent to the applicant.

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