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USF is all about wanting every student to succeed in every aspect of their life at USF. For that reason, we've designed this coaching program to help you to identify and achieve your goals while here. Whether those goals are academic, social, or personal in nature, our graduate student coaches will work with you to help you create a plan for your success.

Meetings with your coach are informal and comfortable. It's a chance for you to talk about your own experience at USF--both in and out of the classroom--and think about what you might want to do to enhance that experience.

Some good reasons to meet with a coach may include:

  • You're new to USF and you want to talk about how to succeed in college.
  • You've had your first test and you want to do better.
  • You're struggling with the amount and type of work you are required to do.
  • You want to become more connected at the university.
  • You are thinking about whether or not the major you picked is right for you.
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