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What is an Advocate?

An advocate with the USF Center for Victim Advocacy and Violence Prevention is a professional who is trained to respond with compassion and expertise to the victims of crime, violence and abuse. This includes crisis intervention, advocacy and accompaniment, and nonjudgmental support to victims to help them get through the experience and regain control of their lives. 

An advocate will confidentially explore the circumstances of the crime or abusive situation with the victim and assist the victim in stabilizing and understanding the emotions resulting from the event or situation.

An advocate will explore options with the victim on what actions might be taken to resolve the situation.  Options may include seeking health care for any injuries, reporting to law enforcement or Student Rights and Responsibilities, seeking criminal or civil justice remedies, telling friends or family, or choosing to take no further actions.

An advocate will assist the victim in deciding what option(s) work best for her or him and will support the victim's decisions.  An advocate will not pressure a victim to do anything she or he does not want.

An advocate will  explain the rights of the victim in the criminal justice system and on-campus systems and advocate on her or his behalf to ensure that those rights are not violated.

An advocate will assist the student to make arrangements with professors regarding missed classes, late assignments, or other course requirements, if the student's crime victimization has impacted the student's ability to meet course deadlines or other requirements. 

An advocate will assess the victim's needs and give information and referrals to appropriate services and agencies that can provide additional needed services

An advocate will assist in developing individualized safety planning for school, home and work.

An advocate will explain judicial and administrative proceedings and be available to provide support to victims during such proceedings.

An advocate offers educational resources on victimization issues, domestic and relationship violence, stalking, sexual violence and other crimes to clients.

An advocate works on a system-wide level to promote changes that will improve system responses to victims of crime.


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