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Center for Victim Advocacy & Violence Prevention Center for Victim Advocacy & Violence Prevention Center for Victim Advocacy & Violence Prevention Center for Victim Advocacy & Violence Prevention Center for Victim Advocacy & Violence Prevention


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Abuse Issues: Domestic /
Relationship Violence

Child Abuse & Parenting
Gender Issues Healing, Grief, Loss, Recovery,
Anxiety and Self Mutilation
Healthy Relationship Information Resources
Men's Issues Safety Issues
Sex Abuse, Battery & Rape Sexual Harassment
Stalking Suicide
Tampa Area Resources Women's Issues

Abuse Issues: Domestic / Relationship Violence

Legal resources and information

CASA - Center Against Spouse Abuse

Information on battering

Bureau of Justice Statistics

Commission on Domestic Violence

National Center for PTSD

The James and Jennifer Harrell Center for the Study of Domestic Violence 

Office for Victims of Crime,  Department of Justice

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Child Abuse & Parenting

The Natural Child

National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information

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Gender Issues

Female Genital Mutilation

Stop Violence Against Women

Amnesty International

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Healing, Grief, Loss, Recovery, Anxiety and Self Mutilation

Parents of Murdered Children

David Baldwin's Trauma Information Pages

How to Survive the Loss of a Love

Eating disorder and referral

Forget About Diets

Resources for Grief and Loss

New Mexico Survivors of Homicide

Post Abortion Stress Syndrome Support

The Anxiety Panic Internet Resource  tAPir

Self Mutilation

Self Injury, You Are Not Alone

The International Child and Youth Care Network, Self-Mutilation

Resources on Self-Injury and Self-Mutilation

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Healthy Relationship

Stages of Love

Healthy vs. Unhealthy

Healthy Romantic Relationships during College

Healthy Relationships

Stages of Relationships

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Information Resources

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office (Tampa, Florida)

Hillsborough County MADD Homepage


The National Organization for Victim Assistance

Victims' Assistance Online, a comprehensive resource center.

The Spring of Tampa Bay, shelter for domestic violence, information, counseling, outreach services, batterer's program.

Divorce Magazine - lots of articles on divorce recovery

FindLaw Consumer Law Center

Anti Defamation League

U.S. Department of Justice - DEA Drugs of Concern

National Center of Victims of Crime

Florida Department of Law Enforcement

State and Local Governments - Newspaper & Periodical Reading Room

The Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics

American Bar Association

National Criminal Justice Reference Service

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Men's Issues

Male Sexual Assault

National Organization on Male Sexual Victimization

Sexual Abuse of Males

Sexual Assault/Abuse

Information on Male Rape  

Dads and Daughters

Jackson Katz

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Safety Issues for Children & Adults

Stop Violence

Gavin DeBecker, information about security

Workplace violence

Privacy Rights - Identity Theft

Security on Campus

Cyber Crime

Information about Stalkers and Victim Responses

Lots of information about online stalking.

Information on protecting kids from predators.

Violence Prevention for Parents

National Fraud Information Center

National Organization of Victim Assistance

Working to halt online abuse

Some information on avoiding cyber stalking.

Privacy Rights Clearing House

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Sex Abuse, Battery & Rape

Promote Truth online support and information for teens about sexual assault

Rape Response and Crime Victim Center, Inc.

Clothesline Pins

Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center, Inc. of Sarasota

Helping Overcome Professional Exploitation

Sexual Assault Recovery

Where's the Outrage?

Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network

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Sexual Harassment

Professional Exploitation

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Reports on stalking in America 

The Anti-stalking Website

Privacy Rights

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Suicide helpline 

Suicide - frequently asked questions.

Information about depression

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Tampa Area Resources

The Spring - Shelter and Help for victims of domestic violence

Crisis Center Tampa Bay

Hillsborough County Citizen Action Center

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Women's Issues

The Rural Womyn Zone

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